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Kasai Yuzuru

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Post  Kasai Yuzuru on Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:25 am

Name: Kasai Yuzuru
Age: 17
Birthplace: Mutsu
Status: Samurai/Assassin

My name is Yuzuru. I was born into the Kasai clan that rules over Mutsu. I inherited the title of samurai and was raised up to be a samurai since I was a child. I was naive. Everything was for honor. I cut down all who stood in my way, and I obeyed my lord unquestionably.

One night, as I was patrolling the grounds, I met someone. He was badly injured and out of his mind. He was rambling about Templars and Assassins, Pieces of Eden and corruption. I had no idea what he was talking about, but then, Lord Date came running towards me. After speaking with the man briefly, Lord Date ended the man's life to ease his pain, praying that he is treated well in next life. It was then that Lord Date asked me what I knew. I told him what I heard, but said I did not understand. For my loyalty and good service, Lord Date enlightened me to the age long struggle between the assassins and Templars.

On the outside, I wear the colors of Samurai, underneath, the white of the assassins. You ask me what my motive is. Is it for revenge? No. Is it for glory? No. Is it out of obligation and loyalty? No. I believe that the power in the Pieces of Eden should be held by no man. The Templars want to use them to rule over the people, so I'll kill them and take it from them. However, if an Assassin were to misuse them...they too would fall. A country is made by its people. Its the people that I've always protected.

I will suffer, so you may be happy.
I will hurt, so you may be painless.
I will defend, so you may be at peace.
I will serve, so you may find rest.
I will stand, so you may run.
I will fight, so you may fly.
I will spill my blood, so you may not.
I will die, so you may live.

Kasai Yuzuru

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