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Post  Thiago Lopes on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:57 pm

"Desculpe, senhor {I'm sorry, sir}. This was my doing," Thiago extended a ryo* to the owner of the fish cart, "I would have paid you sooner, but I suffered some injuries and couldn't have paid at the time. By the way, do you have any eel?"

The fish monger didn't speak. He hungrily accepted the ryo before slapping the barbarian with a small tuna.

"Could I purchase that fish?" Thiago tried to stay humble as he wiped the cold slime of the fish off of his face.

The merchant threw the fish at his feet before trying to push the remains of his cart elsewhere. Seeing how the man clearly lacked the strength to move a broken cart, Thiago offered his services. His offer was paid with spit to his brow. Without a word, Thiago picked up the tuna and sought out the professional doctor who had aided him before.

*1 ryo = 4 mon
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