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Post  Thiago Lopes on Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:00 pm

Thiago Lopes (pronounced LO-pesh)
Born - July 18, 1530 in Lisbon, Portugal
Raised by Jewish rebels trained by the Roman Assassin's Guild, Thiago has been a devout member of the Order for his entire life. He has been tasked with establishing a branch of the Order in Japan. He traveled through India and China en route to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now that he has arrived in Japan, Thiago is shocked to see that his brothers have been in Japan for some time now. He still has much work to do.

Since he has spent the last twenty years of his life devoted to traveling the globe, he has picked up numerous techniques and weapons from diverse cultures.
    Hookblade from Contantinople
    Fransisca from France
    Poison darts from China
    Bhuj from India
    Crossbow from Italy

As for me, I am Jarred and I am from the US.
Thiago Lopes
Thiago Lopes
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