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Mei "Shaanxi"

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Mei "Shaanxi" Empty Mei "Shaanxi"

Post  FlameDarkfire on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:55 pm

OOC Info
so I'm Jack, I'm a friend of Jarred's from college.

IC Info
Name: Mei
Alias: Shaanxi
Weapons: Mongolian recurve bow, Mongolian scimitars
Gear: riding tack, tent, clothing
Short Bio: Born in a village in Bumfuck (not historically nor geographically accurate), northern China, Mei lead an uninteresting life as a farmgirl until a Templar warlord and his army came into the region. The warlord thought a Piece of Eden was hidden in the village, and thus sent a group of warriors to slaughter the defenseless villagers. As one of them was about to murder Mei, a Mongol assassin who had just happened by saved her, and got her out of the village.

Having no home now, Mei became part of the Assassin's guild and family. They traveled the steppes of northern China and Mongolia, Mei learning to ride horseback, shot a bow, and general survival techniques. How she got to Nagasaki is anyone's guess, as she hasn't explained yet, but she's a crack shot with her Mongolian bow and is quite adept at camouflage.

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Mei "Shaanxi" Empty Re: Mei "Shaanxi"

Post  Mentor on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:18 am

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