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A letter to the successor of Ezio's successor

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A letter to the successor of Ezio's successor Empty A letter to the successor of Ezio's successor

Post  Thiago Lopes on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:03 pm

Japan is so different from what I was expecting. This is truly unbelievable. I came here to build us another home, but I find it has been built long ago by hands long forgotten. The brothers and sisters here do not fight like you and I, but rather more like the Chinese brothers I met along the way. Thankfully, their cause is still the same as ours. We have established a hideout in a city called Nagasaki. There, the whole world coalesces into a single entity with many faces. I think of it as the Constantinople of the Orient.

It is neither the biggest city on these islands, nor is it where we will be doing most of our work. However, here there is diversity. Seeing all all of us with our many colors and the flags of our fathers is not a spectacle like it would be anywhere else. It is instead another novelty which has long lost its charm. This will keep us safe.

Segurança e Paz (Safety and Peace),
Thiago Lopes
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