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The Training Game

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Re: The Training Game

Post  Thiago Lopes on Wed May 30, 2012 1:18 pm

Au'lani wrote:The half-Hawaiian nodded slightly, it was true what Hayato said. The two had allied with one another to each get flags as a team. When both had noticed a flag on Masumi-sama, they had simply assumed wrong. But Au'lani wasn't focused on that part of the training, but more of what the Samurai had said.

"It doesn't matter, using the flags was merely an excuse," she stated harshly, "if this was a real situation, and someone was dressed in fancy robes yet I held no proof that they did nothing wrong, would I just charge in sword drawn? Of course not." Au'lani realized in the back of her head, that both situations were entirely different, and maybe it was just what her father had beat into her, but in the end it all seemed the same to her. "I'll take whatever punishment is fit for coming close to breaking the Creed, and if you allow me to, Ill fight to gain your trust once more."

Sorry for being gone so long!! A lot of family issues came up, and just been busy. But I'm back ^_^

"Do not worry. We will find out whoever put them on Masumi and punish that one. Probably tie that one to a tree for a week. You and Hayato can redeem yourselves by fighting when danger strikes."

It's fine. These things happen. By the way, this is continued in Exorcising the City.
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