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Masumi (the Former Beggar)

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Masumi (the Former Beggar) Empty Masumi (the Former Beggar)

Post  Masumi on Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:15 am

Name: Yamamoto Kyoko (last name, first name)
Alias: Masumi/the beggar/the housekeeper
Age: ??? (16-18)

Eh? How did I end up here?
Hello Masumi-san, welcome to Assassin’s Creed Rising. ^_^
Who are you, are you a goddess? O_O
What? No >.< I’m here to interview you.
And how do I know you’re not going to con me when I’m not looking. >.>
Look, I know you’re in need of money. Just take these coins so we can get on with the interview.
Very Happy I am in your service, oh honorable goddess.
I am not... *Sigh* Anyway, where are you from Masumi-san?
I was raised in the capitol of Kyoto, born to a merchant family.
How old are you?
I am not entirely sure. Okaasan said I was born the year of the rabbit, while Otousan told be it was the year of the snake, and Sobo insisted it was the year of the dragon. I think this year is the year of the dog, though I'm not certain so that would make me... 16? 18?
What brings you to Nagasaki?
Business. I am a beggar, you see. If you stay one place too long, you end up draining the resources of a population, (and especially their patience.)
Why a beggar as an occupation?
I am not going back to that brothel. A most shameful occupation, I admit. I dare not burden my family further, and there are some good things that being a beggar has brought me. I got to see a great deal of Japan in my wanderings. The hardest part is wondering when my next meal will be, oh and sleeping outside during the winter. It is nice this time of year because I can just sleep in the grass under the cherry blossom trees.
Any advise you’d like to pass on to would-be beggars?
Make sure you learn about plants. Just help out a farmer woman or elder, they’ll be more than happy to pass down their knowledge, especially to younger people. I can’t tell you how many times my knowledge of edible and medicinal plants kept me alive. Take care of your combs and gheta (wooden sandal) straps, since breaking these will cause misfortune. Stay away from other beggars, too much competition is bad business. Stay in touch with the black market, they’ll buy and sell anything to anyone. Don’t incur dept, or else you’ll be the one for sale on the black market.
Such as by stealing.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Uh-huh, sure. Traveling has made Masumi fit and agile, plus she has a lot of practical knowledge and connections she’s made during her travels. Her main weakness is that she is uneducated and illiterate, contributing to her superstitious personality. Ignorance also makes her wary of foreigners, which is unfortunate because her good memory allows her to pick up on new languages quickly. Occasionally she will engage in petty thievery upon anyone especially careless with their possessions. I’m amazed she hasn’t been caught, because she also happens to be a poor liar.
I would never do something so dishonorable… *fidgets*.
You need to improve your poker face skills. Moving on, there is an assassin’s guild in town. Think you’ll apply?
Eh? Are you crazy? They’d never accept someone tainted as me. Some food would be nice… but I have not any skill.
What about the poisons you learned about? Or the fact you’ve driven off bandits using a broom?
It’s a big, sturdy broom. I know nothing of wielding swords, shooting an arrow, or even how to hold most any other weapons.
A couple of words of warning: due to the years she has spent without steady food, if and when she ends up in a situation with plenty of food, she’ll hoard. Just check under her bed. Oh, and don’t leave your weapons unattended, they are valuable and will be stolen to be sold on the black market.
I best take my leave, lest my reputation be further soiled. ):
Details of this character are subject to change. I am happy to unleash Masumi to stir up trouble.

About the Author

Wee! I'm finally back. ^_^ No wonder no one posted for awhile, it took me this long to realize you all moved.

I am a writer of a very short AC fanfiction called, "Her Last Possession," which is about the point of view of a Damascus Beggar.

In the last forum, my character was developed by using the concept of a beggar in Japan. I tried to call her Kyoko here, too, but supposedly that name was already taken. Sad So her name is now Masumi. Also, I have drawn Masumi before, but I don't have a way of scanning those images in, currently. For now, I am using the image of a woman in a work kimono that I got from a website I found on google (

In truth, I am very new at role playing, and I don't have a lot of experience in forums. Some assistance with upholding standard/procedures, as well as improving the quality of my writing, would be greatly appreciated. In turn, I will do what I can, when I can, to help this forum and my fellow role playing gamers.

I have some education in writing, creative writing, and peer editing. Because of my personal interests, I have an introductory knowledge of Asian, particularly Japanese culture. I don’t know a lot about Japanese history; in fact i just finished a Native American History class. I am reading a few books on Japanese history and culture when I have free time.

Masumi's Inventory:

Layered work kimono with zori (straw travel sandals), straw kasa (stole it from a passed out drunk).

Inside kimono sleeves: Small knife (took it from the brothel she ran away from), lacquer comb (New Year's gift from family), bone fish hook (stepped on it in a river), various dried herbs (gathered wild for medicine and flavoring), bone sewing needle (traded for it).

Also carries: sturdy broom (made it), rough blanket, discarded rags, thread, and metal cup (stolen from careless traveler). She'll carry this wrapped up in a blanket and may stash it before she enters a new city.

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Masumi (the Former Beggar) Empty Updates

Post  Masumi on Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:47 pm

Masumi-san has been promoted to house keeper. You can read the full exchange at "Beggar's Corner." She'll be battling the dust bunnies at the Assassin's Den.

Opinions members after "The Training Game"

Mentor- The two times I saw him were during crises. Generally he is highly regarded by the Assassins.
Thiago Lopes- He's always looking after me, he's the one who gave me a home off the streets.
Mei "Shaanxi"- A skilled sniper, I've never seen her miss. A generally pleasant person.
Au'lani- I don't always understand her, but perhaps this is in part because she is a foreigner? A very young and energetic member of the Order.
Kasai Yuzuru- A most honorable samurai. Watching his sword work can get addicting.
Shou Hayato- One the newest members, a very resourceful person. His trickery has left me wary, but I've not known him long.
Templars- An enigmatic entity that threaten the Assassins, and what is now my home.

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